We no longer have time or money to archive the MGTOW messages. Please start your own archives!

The following tips will help:

  • Use the program called YouCast (http://youcast.i3arnon.com/) to turn Youtube artist feeds into Podcasts.
  • Then use your favorite Podcast program such as MusicBee (https://getmusicbee.com/) or iTunes.
  • Once you have the videos of an MGTOW Content Producer backed up the easiest way is to make an account on somewhere like Minds.com, Vid.Me, or YouTube (not recommended) and be sure to put something like Mirror or Archive in the name. Most MGTOW Content Producers encourage people to mirror them as long as its obvious its not the official channel and you do not monetize their videos.

Once you have videos a few services that could help you create your own archive site are:

We also put a version of the MGTOW Sign Logo and our own MGTOW Archives Logo into the public domain on the site openclipart: https://openclipart.org/user-detail/MGTOWArchives Feel free to use these images any way you see fit and if you desire please link back to us.

Thanks for visiting and help keep the MGTOW message alive. Especially now that YouTube is going full censorship.